When you heard that you would be working on the new parking structure project, you were overjoyed. Not only will this guarantee you and your family steady income for the next year, but it’s a great way to help revive the economy in the heart of New Jersey. It seemed like a win-win situation for everyone.

But now that you’re laid up in the hospital, you’re wondering if you should have passed on the job, even at the expense of the paycheck. Is there any way you could have missed the warning signs before suffering a serious injury at work?

Lax Safety Is Usually to Blame When Construction Workers Suffer Steel Beam Injuries

You know that you were taking all necessary safety measures on the day of your accident. However, there are many other ways that worksite safety may have been compromised, any of which could have played a role in your accident. Consider how safety protocols are necessary to prevent injuries from:

  • Falling beams. Whether it falls from a crane, a platform, or from the back of a vehicle, a steel beam falling from a construction site can cause debilitating—even fatal injuries.
  • Lifting beams. Many construction workers have suffered injuries while attempting to lift a steel beam. In some cases, workers lost control of the beam and became trapped underneath it, while many others have suffered repetitive stress injuries and degenerative disc problems as a result of lifting heavy objects at work.
  • Crushing. A steel beam can cause serious damage when it falls on any part of a construction worker, with the most common injuries involving crushed feet, toes, fingers, and arms.
  • Collapse. If the structure you are working on is not properly secured, it may collapse and bring all of the resulting building materials down on top of you. On the other hand, if the platform collapses, you may be the one who falls onto the steel and concrete below.

In many cases, workers’ compensation will not be enough to cover the full range of injuries construction workers suffer after being struck by a steel beam. You should always have a work accident investigated to discover whether an employer could be at fault. Find out what steps you should take next in our FREE book, What the Injured Worker Needs to Know: Your Workers’ Comp Guide, or click the chat link at the bottom of this page to ask us a question.

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