Of all the injuries you could have suffered as a welder, you never dreamed you would be out of work for an eye injury. Although it may seem incredible, eye injuries account for a quarter of all jobsite welding injuries, with workers in industrial machinery, computer equipment, and metal fabrication at particular risk.


Of course, you never attempted a job without a helmet, since you know that proper eye protection is the best way to avoid welding eye injuries. Unfortunately, many workers either do not have adequate safety gear available, or are led to believe that wearing a welder’s helmet is sufficient protection against permanent damage.


Here are four things that all welders should use on the job in addition to a proper helmet:


  • Safety goggles – Goggles provide better eye protection than most standard safety glasses from a number of dangers, including dust, radiation, and flying debris. Arc welders should always wear goggles that comply with ANSI Z87.1 in addition to a welding helmet for every job.
  • Side shields – Helmets and safety glasses provide frontal protection from a welder's flash, but offer little protection for sidelong or peripheral vision. Goggles or glasses with side shields protect the eyes from radiation, but also from flying particles that go over or around front of the helmet.
  • Reflection controls – Workers who are in the area where welding takes place are at similar risk—and are likely to be less protected—as the welders themselves. Shielding curtains should be installed around welding areas and on reflective surfaces to prevent accidental flash injuries.
  • Proper training – In many cases, workers may be told that wearing goggles or safety glasses in addition to helmets is unnecessary, or that prescription eyewear provides a similar level of protection. Some employers may provide outdated or poorly-maintained eyewear, while others may disregard mandatory safeguards and training exercises.


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