Construction employees may not realize it, but they put an enormous amount of stress on their knees every day. A “pop” or twinge in the knee joint may seem like a minor injury, but a small knee problem can quickly develop into a debilitating conditionone that can cost you both from both time off work and overwhelming hospital bills.

Here are just a few knee injuries New Jersey construction workers can suffer:

  • Broken patella. Workers are extremely prone to suffering falls on construction sites, a major cause of broken bone injuries. A fractured kneecap requires immediate surgery to remove bone fragments that can sever nerves and blood vessels in the joint. 
  • Hyperextension.If a worker suffers a crushing injury or his legs become trapped, his knee may be forced to bend in the opposite direction. This often causes significant ligament damage, usually requiring surgery and a period of total immobility while the patient heals.
  • Torn meniscus. This injury commonly occurs when a worker’s feet and are twisted in the opposite direction his body is facingand as a result, the cartilage under the kneecap is torn away. Victims sometimes hear a popping noise as the injury occurs, and notice pain and stiffness in the leg in the days after the injury.
  • Dislocated joint. It may not sound as serious as a broken bone, but a dislocation of the knee can be life threatening. A dislocation can interrupt blood flow to the foot, putting a worker at risk of necrosis and possible foot or leg amputation.

It’s important to remember that, while many construction accident injuries in New Jersey are caused by sudden trauma, many are the result of the physical demands of the job. You may need compensation as a result of heavy lifting, overuse of a damaged knee, or because work has made a preexisting condition worse.

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