Did you get hurt at work? Are you worried about paying for medical bills and how you will support yourself and your family while you are out of work? If so, you are not alone.

Most people in the United States live paycheck to paycheck. Employers and their Workers Compensation insurance carriers often ignore, wrongly deny, or move very slowly when handling work related injuries. Meanwhile the injured worker is left to suffer.

In New Jersey, if you are injured at work and need treatment, the workers compensation insurance company is supposed to pay for that treatment. It is not like private insurance, with co-pays and things that aren’t covered. The carrier must pay for all treatment that could help you get better. Be careful though. You just can’t go to your own doctor and then send them the bill. The insurance carrier  has the right to pick your doctors.

So what happens when they don’t do what they are supposed to do? They have either denied your medical care or are just not getting back to you. Your bills are backing up or worse, you can’t get to a doctor.

We can help. We will assist you in getting the medical care you need. Sometimes this is very easy. The Claims Adjusters tend to return my calls. Sometimes it is very hard and we have to file a Motion with the Court, trying to convince a judge force the carrier to send you to a doctor. Either way, we have a lot of experience doing this.

If you are unable to work as a result of your work injury, you may also deserve a second type of benefit called temporary disability benefits. This is pay for your lost time from work. These benefits are paid at the rate of 70% of your gross weekly wage, with a minimum and maximum weekly payment depending on the year of your injury. Since you do not pay taxes on this 70% payment, the money to you is generally pretty close to your normal take home pay. If the workers compensation insurance carrier is improperly not providing you with temporary disability we can help you with that as well. Once again, sometimes it is quick and easy and sometimes it is much more difficult.

Unexpected injuries can happen at any time. The fear of not having enough money to cover the medical bills while supporting your family is very serious. Manfred Ricciardelli has handled thousands of workers' compensation cases and will fight to get you the benefits you deserve for your injuries. Our office is located just outside of Morristown in Morris County New Jersey. Call today at 973-285-1100 for a free consultation.


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