As a child growing up in New Jersey, your parents may have tried to give you tough love by saying that when you grew up, no one would look out for you but you. While your parents may have been right about many things over the years, they really hit the nail on the head with that warning.

After a workplace injury, the burden for navigating the workers’ compensation process falls squarely on your shoulders. Reporting your injury through the proper channels, meeting deadlines, gathering evidence—no one will guide you through the process, and many cases are often thrown out because of simple mistakes.

Being firmly aware of your rights as an injured worker under New Jersey workers’ compensation law will not only help you with the workers’ comp application process, but it will also help ensure that you get the recovery and resources you need to heal and eventually return to work. Look out for yourself by knowing your rights and insisting that your employer and the workers’ comp insurance company respects these important rights.

Protect Your Future, Know Your Rights

Workers’ compensation laws across the country exist for more than just offering injured employees time away from work and some money for medical bills. These laws ensure that those injured on the job receive the support, care, and protection they need to recover and return to work.

No two workers’ compensation claims are exactly alike, but each claim offers injured New Jersey workers the right to:

  • Wage loss benefits and medical benefits
  • Time away from work to recover properly, without threat, intimidation, or harassment from an employer to return before it is medically feasible
  • Question and appeal mistakes in benefit awards
  • Appeal a claim denial

If you have been hurt at work, your recovery should be not only your own priority, but the priority of your employer as well. By closely guarding your rights as an injured employee, both you and your employer can work together to ensure that you get the care you need.

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