You are right to be concerned that your family member suffered a head injury in a NJ car accident. These injuries can permanently change the way a person acts, thinks, and moves—and those who have suffered serious trauma may be unable to move or even speak, severely affecting their quality of life and ability to earn a living. 

In order to know what to expect from your loved one’s brain injury, you must know which sections of the brain were damaged and how much trauma they sustained. For instance, a frontal lobe injury in New Jersey may affect a victim’s:

  • Motor functions, such as initiating, controlling, and continuing his own bodily movements
  • Mental acuity, including the ability to multitask, solve problems, or move between mental processes
  • Communication, language, or speaking abilities
  • Organization skills, such as the ability to plan day-to-day activities or perform actions in the correct order
  • Attention span; victims may be unable to concentrate or may lose focus during conversations
  • Self-awareness; many victims are unable to judge their own behavior or actions
  • Impulse control, including causing a victim to lose inhibitions, perform rash decisions, or engage in non-socially-acceptable behavior
  • Personality, including depression, irritability, anger, or adopting dangerous habits such as thrill-seeking 
  • Emotional stability. Victims may lose control of their emotions as they become frustrated with their condition, engaging in self-abuse (such as drugs or alcohol)

If someone you love has experienced a frontal lobe injury, you should know that the effects can possibly last for the rest of the victim’s life. However, there is treatment available—and with time, your relative may learn to cope with his condition and return to a normal life.

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