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Morristown Car Accident Lawyer Advice: How Social Media Can Wreck Your New Jersey Car Accident Claim

Social media has become ubiquitous across all generations, and although Facebook, Twitter and other sites have their advantages, they can also have disadvantages for those in the process of filing a New Jersey car accident claim. For advice on how to protect your claim amid social media, you should schedule a consultation with a Morristown car accident lawyer.

If you were injured by someone who sped through a red light or was too busy texting to pay attention, you should do everything to protect your claim, which may include taking a leave of absence from social media.

How Facebook Could Damage Your New Jersey Car Accident Claim

Consider Facebook, for example. The continual interactions with others could be problematic if you share too much information. Updating your status with any information about your accident could have a negative effect on your claim, even if you’re just venting about the other driver’s negligence.

While you may think that only your friends have access to your social media sites that may not be the case. The attorney for the other side could also be monitoring your online activity, and his or her goal is to get as much dirt on you as possible.

For example, if it is agreed that the other driver was negligent, but you post about how you might have been going over the speed limit, you may raise concerns as to whether the other driver really was negligent. Keep in mind that anything you post could be used against your New Jersey car accident claim.

Therefore, you may want to shut down your social media sites until your case is settled, especially if you have posted pictures or video of yourself online. It doesn’t matter if they are from before the accident; the other side will still try to use them against you. If there’s a photo of you partying when you’re supposed to have a slipped disc, it may be submitted as evidence to minimize or deny your claim.

Incoming Posts on Social Media Sites

Another reason to take a break from social media is that comments your family or friends make could be used against you. Something like “Great party last night” could lead others to assume that you threw a party and therefore isn’t sidelined with injuries.

Understand that when information is put on the Internet it will be there for a long time, and it can be found. Protect yourself by closing your accounts and speaking with a Morristown Car accident lawyer.

Help from a Morristown Car Accident Lawyer is Just a Phone Call Away

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