There once was a time when employees would work the standard 9-5 hours. They weren’t available 24/7, including weekends. They didn’t bring work with them on their vacations. Things are much different now. It is almost an expectation that an employee would be available in an emergency and to work during vacations and holidays. However, studies show that this lifestyle is resulting in more work-related injuries and, therefore, more Workers’ Compensation claims. If you do suffer an injury, it’s best to contact a Morristown Workers’ Compensation attorney right away for help with your claim. 

A survey showed that employees who are dealing with family issues have a 37% higher risk of suffering a work-related injury. Conversely, companies that run smoothly and do not put a strain on employees’ personal life are said to report 30% fewer injuries. 

Therefore, workers who are employed in a position that minimally affects their family life as well as work in what they believe is a safe environment are less likely to become injured. Those who have the hardest time balancing work and family life have the highest rates of injury and, therefore, file more Workers’ Compensation claims. 

The Danger of Burnout 

Another issue with employees working so many hours is burnout. They lose their energy and motivation to work, which can leave them both mentally and physically exhausted. This can lead to a higher rate of jobsite injuries and cause workers to file Workers’ Compensation claims. 

Having some down time plays a huge part in regaining a life outside of work. Taking short, frequent breaks helps recharge your body and mind. Continuously working without rest can zap your energy and make you lose your focus. A Morristown Workers’ Compensation attorney can work with you and help you find other ways to have a work-life balance. 

A good way to prevent jobsite injuries is to get employers involved. If incidences of on-the-job injuries are increasing, something is not right with the company’s environment. Steps need to be taken to make the work environment safer. Having an unsafe environment can become a legal issue, with the company receiving fines and other penalties. Employers should survey employees and solicit feedback as to how the working conditions and environment can improve. Also, employers should monitor employees to ensure they are not putting in too much overtime. 

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