A construction site is among the most dangerous workplaces simply because of the nature of the industry.  Common hazards include:  
  • falls from scaffolding;
  • electrocution; and
  • injuries related to defective equipment.

If your injuries were sustained while you were working on a fairly large construction project, there may be a variety of parties that could be held liable. An attorney can help assess liability by determining each party's control of the premises and the actual construction work.

Common Liable Parties in a New Jersey Construction Accident

Potential liable parties include the following. 

  • Construction site owner - if control of the premises was given to an independent contractor for the duration of the project, then the landowner may not be the legal land possessor. Liability will also depend on the landowner's degree of control over the premises, not just the work. All things being considered, the landowner or land possessor could be liable for injuries caused by harmful conditions that he or she knew about or should have known about. However, there are exceptions, which your attorney can explain in further detail. 
  •  General contractors & sub-contractors - have a duty to provide a reasonably safe construction site and to warn of any hazards or defects. Their duty also extends to the hiring of competent employees and conforming with safety regulations. 
  • Prime contractors - these contractors may be responsible for work they delegated to sub-contractors or the work outlined in the prime contract. 
  • Architects and engineers - their contract with the site owner will determine their responsibility. If their duties include inspections for compliance with code regulations, they could be liable if injuries are related to a failure to meet certain standards. 
  • Machinery and equipment manufacturers - they can be held liable for the manufacturing, design or, in some cases, maintenance of defective equipment that causes injury.  
  • Insurers - all parties at a construction site are typically obligated to carry a certain amount of insurance, such as employer's liability, property liability, and Workers' Compensation coverage. 

Proving liability in a New Jersey construction accident can be very difficult because of all the potential parties involved. In an effort to hold all liable parties accountable and to maximize your compensation, you should acquire the help of a Morristown lawyer who has experience handling construction accident cases.

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