Construction workers often work under immense stress, physical strain, and strict deadlines. So when a worker suffers a construction accident in New Jersey, he may feel pressure to return to work before he is fully healed. Unfortunately, this will often lead to a worker suffering another injuryleaving him doubly hurt and unable to earn his living. 

An intervening injury is a second injury suffered during a healing period. These may make the initial condition worse, and frequently will extend the victim’s healing time. 

An experienced Morristown construction accident attorney can get you the payments you need to cover your costs of care as well as any complications you may suffer due to an intervening injury, including:

  • Hospitalization. Not only does an intervening injury cause extreme pain, it can also undo some or all of the treatment you have already gone through after your first accident. Victims often require additional surgical procedures or an additional hospital stay.
  • Additional treatments. If you have suffered a back injury followed by a knee injury, you may need a cast, rehabilitation, or be forced to remain completely immobile while the injury heals.
  • Disability. Suffering a second injury makes it more likely that your condition will not heal properly, or may not heal at all, restricting your range of motion and possible reducing your earning capacity.
  • Paralysis. If you have experienced a permanent loss of function due to a construction injury, it is vital that you contact our offices today for a free consultation on your case.

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