According to New Jersey Worker’s Compensation Law, all employers must carry Worker’s Compensation Insurance. However, if your employer doesn’t have insurance and you have a New Jersey work injury, you are still entitled to Worker’s Compensation benefits.

The state has developed a special fund called the Uninsured Employers Fund. If you have been in a New Jersey work accident and discover your employer doesn’t have insurance, file a formal claim with the Worker’s Compensation court. Then file a separate motion to add the Uninsured Employer’s Fund as a party to your case. Consult with a Worker’s Compensation attorney to help guide you through this process.

The New Jersey Uninsured Employers Fund Protects Employees

The Uninsured Employer’s Fund provides medical care and temporary disability benefits to injured workers. Unfortunately, the Fund does not pay permanent disability benefits. But, you can still seek an order awarding you a cash settlement if you can prove a permanent loss of function. If you are successful, your employer will have to pay out of pocket.

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