If you are amid a New Jersey workers' comp claim, you will need to be careful when posting photos or video and interacting with friends on Facebook and other social media sites.

Although it would be ideal if only your family and friends had access to your Facebook page, the reality is that anyone could be monitoring your site, including your employer and insurance company representatives. To protect your claim, you should seek the guidance of a Morristown work injury lawyer.

Running into Trouble on Facebook

The next time you log onto Facebook, consider the following.
  • Photos that your friends post can be seen by people who are not in your network. An outdated photo may show you jet-skiing when you're really at home suffering with a back injury.
  • Injured people have received court orders to produce Facebook pages for the lawyers who represent insurance companies.
  • Facebook postings have been admissible as evidence and police officers, the media and investigators have turned to Facebook postings when conducting research and investigations.
  • Law clerks have been tasked with monitoring Facebook pictures, profiles and pages to find harmful information. If you post a comment about working in your brother's body shop when you haven't been cleared to return to work, the attorney for the insurance company will find out.
An attorney can provide you with many tips to protect your New Jersey workers' comp claim on Facebook, including: 
  • eemove everything from your page that you would not want the lawyers for the insurance company to see;
  • examine your privacy settings. Facebook allows users to keep certain people from knowing that you are on the site.
  • type your name in the search field and make sure that the information that pops up is acceptable. Do the same thing on other sites such Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and Google.
  • If a stranger sends you a friend request, do not accept, and don't respond to emails sent through social media sites if you don't know the sender. 
While the above tips may be helpful, understand that even the most private settings won't keep everyone out of your Facebook page. If the insurance company faces a huge payout to help you recover from your workplace injuries, they will do everything possible to minimize pr deny your claim, despite how much you may be suffering.

Preserve your rights by speaking with a Morristown work injury lawyer early in the process of filing for New Jersey workers' comp benefits.

Help from a Morristown Work Injury Lawyer

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