Some volunteers may be entitled to New Jersey Workers Compensation Benefits.  The groups of volunteers that are eligible for NJ workers' compensation benefits are:

  • Volunteer Firefighters
  • Volunteer First Aid or Rescue Squad Workers
  • Reserve or Auxiliary Police Officers
  • Elected and Appointed officials
  • Board of Education Members

These volunteers are covered for any type of activity they perform in the course of their volunteer services.  By example, a volunteer firefighter is eligible for New Jersey Workers Compensation benefits for any work done on the fire company premises; any participation in drills, exhibitions fund raising or parades; and, of course, any assistance given in case of a fire. 

In addition, any other type of volunteer who receives any form of financial benefit from the volunteerism may be entitled to New Jersey Workers Compensation Benefits.  This type of financial benefit does not have to be in the form of salary.  Financial consideration has been defined as anything of value in return for services.  Included as types of financial consideration are pay for participating in training programs; reimbursement of expenses; and room and board. 

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