Nobody likes to think about the kinds of injuries a car accident can cause—especially not if they include damage to the brain. However, these kinds of injuries are common after a car wreck, and can cause victims to suffer a range of symptoms, including short-term memory loss, severe personality changes, or worse.

Head injuries may occur along any of the major areas of the brain. For example:

  • A brain stem injury occurs when a victim suffers a blow to the back of the head, neck, or cervical spine. Car accidents often cause this kind of trauma, as passengers slam backward into headrests. Since the brain stem is responsible for memory and emotional responses, these injuries will often lead to anger, disorientation, frustration, shortened attention span, and loss of short-term memory. 
  • A parietal lobe injury affects one of the four lobes of the cerebellum, located at the back of the head, directly above the brain stem. This is a major control center of the brain, and it is where processing of visual cues and sensory input takes place. If the parietal lobe is damaged, victims may have difficulty reading, recognizing familiar objects and faces, multitasking, performing mathematical tasks, and telling the difference between right and left. 
  • A temporal lobe injury, caused by trauma to the side of the head, affects cognitive skills such as memory and language and has been known to result in seizures. Since the brain’s limbic system is also located in the temporal lobe, victims may have difficulty regulating their emotions or even suffer a severe behavioral disorder.
  • A frontal lobe injury is fairly common after a car accident, since the frontal lobe is the largest area of the brain, stretching from behind the eyes to the top of the head. This lobe is responsible for regulating cognitive functions and behavior, so injuries often result in poor judgment, spontaneous outbursts, or lack of impulse control.

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