Did you receive a medical bill for treatment arising from your work related injury? Are you worried about paying that bill or the impact that it may have on your credit rating?

The Insurance Carrier By Law Is Required To Pay You

paying medical bills with workers compensationUnder New Jersey Workers Compensation Law the Workers Compensation insurance carrier is responsible for paying for all treatment that can help you get better from your work injury.  The insurance carrier also has the right to select your doctors.

Hopefully, the bill you are receiving is from a medical provider the Workers Compensation insurance carrier sent you to.  If so, forward the bill to the Claims Adjuster and ask them to make payment.  It is best to do that by email or some other method that makes it possible to prove you requested payment.  Keep a copy of your request as well as a copy of the bill.  You’ll likely need to follow-up with the claims adjuster to be certain they make payment. 

Have Your Medical Provider Contact The Claims Adjustor

You could also contact the medical provider and give them information about the insurance company.  Provide them with the insurance carrier’s name, the name and contact information for the Claims Adjuster and the claim number.  The medical provider will then likely contact the Claims Adjustor directly to get the bill paid.

If you were not sent to the medical provider by the Workers Compensation insurance carrier, that carrier would still be responsible for payment if the treatment was emergent.  By example, on the day of the event you needed to go to the hospital emergency room right away.  There was no time to file the Workers Compensation claim, have the matter referred to an Adjuster and get approval for medical care.  The insurance carrier is responsible for bills arising from emergent care.

Keep Detailed Medical Records

However, they are going to be a little more reluctant to pay this bill.  Before doing so they will likely require an itemized bill indicating the exact services provided as well as a copy of the medical records. 

Finally, you may be receiving bills for treatment you think is related to the work injury, but for treatment that was not authorized by the Workers Compensation insurance carrier and was not emergent.  As I am sure you can imagine, this is the most difficult type of bill to get the Workers Compensation insurance carrier to pay.  Things to consider here are whether you requested treatment and were wrongly denied or did not receive a prompt response.  If the employer themselves directly referred you to the doctor, that would be very important.

Handling A Workers Compensation Claim

An injured worker is allowed to represent himself in a work related injury claim.  You are free to take all the steps indicated above to navigate through medical care.  However, if you would prefer not to do so alone, this is the kind of thing that a Workers Compensation Attorney would assist you with. Our Morris Plains office works exclusively with worker's compensation cases. Do not hesitate to call our office for a free consultation today at 973-285-1100.

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