While power tools can get jobs done quickly and conveniently, they can be deadly when accidents happen due to malfunction, improper use, or freak accidents. Power tools are used in many industries, such as construction, home improvement, landscaping, furniture making, and tree removal. They are also often used by workers in factories, warehouses, and home improvement stores when repairs are needed. Unfortunately, many employees suffer serious injury and tragic deaths when using these tools. Sometimes, they can become permanently disabled if they lose a body part, suffer brain damage, or lose their vision in these accidents.

The Most Dangerous Power Tools

Power tools are potentially dangerous even if safety measures are implemented and the tools work properly. Some of the most dangerous power tools include the following:

  • Table saws. These tools use extremely sharp blades going at a high speed to cut through wood. With poorly maintained equipment or improper use, an employee can suffer dangerous cuts or amputations of his fingers, hands, or other body parts. In addition, workers can suffer serious eye injuries if wood shavings or other materials fly into their eyes.
  • Nail guns. While nail gun accidents often result in punctures in a worker’s hand or fingers, nail guns can shoot into a person’s chest, skull, eyes, or other body parts—with life-altering injuries like traumatic brain injury or vision loss.
  • Chain saws. Many accidents occur due to kickback, the employee’s body part becoming in contact with the moving parts, or materials flying into the worker’s eyes. In addition, falling objects—such as tree limbs—can result in workers’ injuries. These accidents can be life threatening if the saw cuts into the worker’s chest or a main artery as well as causing amputation of a hand, foot, or limb.
  • Circular saws. Circular saws have even faster blades than table saws. If sawhorses are not used, the saw teeth protrude too far, or the worker fails to wear eye protection, a disastrous accident can occur causing serious lacerations, amputations, eye injuries, or death.
  • Riding lawnmowers. Workers can suffer many life-altering injuries or death if the lawn mower tips over, they become trapped between the mower and a tree or branch, or their body parts become entangled in moving parts.
  • Power drills. While power drills may seem safe in comparison to table and circular saws, they can cause punctures—some deadly if a major artery is hit.
  • Backhoes. Backhoe injuries and deaths can occur in many ways, including when the backhoe or loader overturns, workers fall off the backhoe, or the loads fall onto workers, with employees suffering catastrophic injuries or death.

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