You only need step near a construction site to know it’s not exactly a calm work environment. Not only is there a lot of activity, but it can be dangerous by its very nature. When you combine heavy machinery, uneven ground and numerous workers in construction, accidents can easily occur. In many cases, the injuries workers sustain may be so great they cannot return to work for an extended period of time, if ever. In the case of a preventable personal injury, an attorney can help Morristown, New Jersey victims collect evidence to show proper safety precautions were not heeded. 

3 Common Preventable Construction Accidents in New Jersey 

Some examples of the most common preventable types of construction accidents for which you may be able to hold another party accountable include: 

  • falls;
  • crane accidents; and
  • trench collapses. 

These Accidents can be Prevented 

Working in environments such as roofs, elevator shafts or scaffolding requires the use of proper equipment like harnesses and helmets and even safety precautions like visible perimeters. After all, if workers can’t get close to the edge of a shaft or scaffolding, they stand a much smaller chance of falling. 

Contractors can also drastically cut down on the chance for a crane accident. Cranes, often used in vertical construction sites in downtown centers, are massive pieces of equipment that can cause a lot of damage if used improperly. Taking time to properly train workers to operate cranes can go a long way in accident prevention. Implementing and enforcing safety policies for workers who operate cranes is another important step. 

Because trenches are necessary for many construction tasks, they can be found on nearly any site. They can also get several feet deep, which means workers can be crushed if one collapses. Making sure the walls of the trenches are stable is one way to prevent serious injury. Other prevention techniques are as simple as avoiding the trenches in cases of inclement weather, as flash floods that lead to drowning can — and have — occurred. 

These 3 examples of preventable New Jersey construction site accidents only scratch the surface when it comes to the risks associated with a worksite. Electrocution, fires, defective equipment and inadequate scaffolding are also a reality when proper prevention techniques haven’t been implemented. All in all, keys for accident prevention really hinge on proper training, adequate management and adherence to safety policies. 

But who is responsible for preventing construction accidents? For those facing serious personal injury, an attorney can help Morristown-area workers figure out if a contractor, subcontractor, equipment manufacturer or even another third party should be held liable for your condition. 

We Help Victims of Construction Accidents in New Jersey 

Construction accidents can be prevented. When serious injury occurs on a worksite, we help victims figure out who is response and what to do next. If you’ve suffered from a personal injury, attorney Manfred F. Ricciardelli, Jr.  can help. Contact us at 973-285-1100 or 877-360-0183.

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