After a car accident, you are likely most concerned with making sure everyone is unhurt and receives the help they need. Once the initial panic wears off, you are left with a messy scene and the impending headache of making the first call of many to the insurers. How will you be able to prove definitively that what happened was not your fault?

First Things First, Preserve Your Own Evidence

These days, nearly everyone has a camera phone with them. After calling the police to report the accident, get to work snapping as many pictures of the accident scene as possible. Take pictures of where the cars ended up, skid marks, debris, and damage to both cars. These things can act as very specific puzzle pieces that can help police, attorneys, and your insurance company discover exactly what lead to your collision.

Next, Make Sure There Is Official Record of What Happened

When a law enforcement officer arrives on the scene of an accident, he or she will complete an official police report that will include several accounts of what happened as well as pictures of the scene. Your attorney will help you obtain a copy of this report later, which can help serve as official record of the incident.

Move Quickly to Obtain Other Evidence

Today, there are traffic cameras on many busy streets and highways, as well as private business security cameras that may have a clear view of where your accident took place. Records from these cameras are obtainable, but typically these pictures and videos are deleted on a regular schedule. Contact the New Jersey Department of Transportation or businesses in the surrounding area to obtain footage of your crash.

Assemble Your Dream Team

While there may be an abundance of evidence that supports your case, if the other driver disputes your position you may be in for a battle even with your solid collection of evidence. By hiring an experienced and aggressive auto accident attorney, you can help ensure that your case is strong with as much evidence presented in your favor as possible.

With your insurance rates, car, and driving record on the line, it is important to make a strong case, and my Morris Plains firm will do just that. To schedule your free consultation now, click on the live chat link or call today.

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