Caring for a disabled child is an exhausting and costly process. Many parents will rely on Social Security benefits to help them pay for child care, medical devices, and other costs of injury until the child is able to earn a living on his own.

But in some case, a child’s disability will last into adulthood, prohibiting him from ever being able to support himself. Parents will not only have to support an adult child, they will also shoulder the costs of his care—costs that will only increase with time. So how can these parents get help to care for their children?

The good news is that children’s social security benefits in NJ provide for adults who have been disabled since childhood. These individuals can include children, adopted children, stepchildren, grandchildren, and step-grandchildren, and benefits can provide additional income for costs of living and medical care.

However, your adult child must meet certain requirements to qualify for adult child disability benefits. For instance, your disabled adult must:

  • Have a disability that began before age 22 
  • Be age 18 or older
  • Be unmarried

In addition, the parents or guardians of a disabled adult must meet their own Social Security requirements to receive benefits on behalf of a disabled child. This is because the payments for adult children are paid into their parents’ benefits record, and there are limits to how much the family can receive.

If you attempt to receive a disabled child’s benefits, you must either: 

  • Have worked at a job long enough to qualify for Social Security
  • Be a widow or widower of a spouse that earned Social Security in his/her lifetime 
  • Receive your own Social Security benefits (such as retirement or disability)

Our legal team knows that the rules surrounding your Social Security benefits are complex and confusing. If you believe you are entitled to more income than you currently receive, we can help you understand your benefits and get you the maximum amount of income you need to provide for your family.

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