In order to have a successful Social Security disability claim, you and your lawyers in Morristown will need to collect and present evidence to support your case. The Social Security Administration requires certain types of information to access benefits, so it is important to provide the correct type.

Evidence Requirements for a Social Security Disability Claim

Medical evidence is the primary type of evidence your lawyers will need to provide. There are many different parts of medical evidence that should be collected to support your claim. This information can only come from certain accepted sources. Acceptable medical sources for a claim include: 
  • licensed physicians;
  • licensed and/or certified psychologists, including school psychologists for mental retardation or learning disabilities;
  • licensed optometrists for visual disorders;
  • licensed podiatrists for foot and ankle impairments; and
  • licensed speech-language pathologists for speech or language impairments. 

Once you have an acceptable source of medical evidence, you will also need to present detailed medical reports that must include the following: 
  • medical history;
  • clinical discoveries (results of a physical or mental health evaluation, etc.);
  • laboratory discoveries (x-rays, blood tests, etc.);
  • formal diagnosis;
  • remedies prescribed with responses; and
  • the physician's opinion on the claimant’s ability to execute work-related tasks.  

In some cases of a claim, your lawyers will need to show evidence related to the symptoms you list in your claim. Your approved physician will have to provide documentation that lists:
  • the placement, time, frequency and magnitude of the pain or other symptom;
  • precipitating and exacerbating components;
  • the type, dosage, effectiveness and side effects or any prescribed or over-the-counter medication; and
  • treatment other than medication for the relief of symptoms. 

As you read through the requirements, it may seem like a lot of information is needed to support a Social Security claim, but with the help of experienced lawyers, you will be able to gather this information and provide it to the Social Security Administration in support of your claim.  

It is recommended that you do not try to navigate a Social Security disability claim alone and that you hire lawyers who have handled cases similar to yours. Doing so will give you the best chance of a favorable outcome and give you access to benefits that will improve the quality of your life. 

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