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The Basics of Social Security Disability

Social Security disability benefits exist to lessen the hardship of an adult who suffers from a significant health condition, illness, impediment or disability that prevents him or her from working. If some health impairment has prevented you from acquiring or maintaining gainful employment, consult a Morristown disability lawyer to learn more about what federal or New Jersey disability benefits you may be eligible for.

Understanding Social Security Disability Benefits and Eligibility

The Social Security Administration is the body that regulates Social Security in its entirety, including Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). The vastness of this organization can sometimes make it difficult to navigate, particularly for persons already suffering from disruptive disabilities or health complications, so it’s important that you understand the general process of applying for benefits and equally vital that you reach out to a New Jersey disability attorney in Morristown. 

A disability lawyer will have handled dozens, if not hundreds, of cases like yours and will have an extensive knowledge of the SSA process from which you can benefit directly. 

Because of the particularly stringent requirements of the SSA to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, not all who apply for SSDI benefits are approved, although many receive acceptance upon the completion of an appeal. The strict approval system, although it ensures that those who need the benefits get them provided they are willing to endure the appellate process, often delays a disabled worker’s much-needed receipt of benefits. 

A Morristown disability lawyer can help expedite the process by advocating on your behalf and assisting you with your documentation and the extensive applications process; many applicants are rejected because they failed to include some important details or paperwork. To learn more about how a New Jersey disability attorney can help you, reach out to one today and schedule a free consultation. 

Help From a Morristown Disability Lawyer is a Phone Call Away

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