If you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and wonder if you would qualify for Social Security disability, an attorney in Morristown, New Jersey, may be able to help. Although this condition isn’t generally one that qualifies, there may be a way to obtain benefits. 

When you have difficulties with a claim or need assistance in filing your initial application, you should speak with a New Jersey Social Security disability attorney. An attorney may be able to show other ways of obtaining benefits of which you weren’t aware. 

Qualifying for Social Security Disability 

In order to qualify for Social Security disability, your condition must meet the criteria according to the impairment listings from Social Security Administration (SSA). Your limitations must be severe enough that you are not able to work as a result. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition that is many times caused by repetitive use. It can also become debilitating. Unfortunately, it is not considered to be a condition that qualifies for Social Security disability. 

Although this is the case, there may be other avenues for obtaining disability benefits. One is if you have a condition that does meet the listing of impairments. 

For instance, peripheral neuropathy is a category in which certain types of nerve damage may qualify an individual for Social Security disability. If you can show that you have an impairment which falls under this, you may be able to obtain benefits. 

Another way you may be able to qualify is if you can prove that you are not able to work because of your condition. Your physical abilities can be assessed through the Residual Functional Capacity (RFC). This helps determine the tasks you are not able to perform. 

If carpal tunnel becomes severe, it could lead to surgery and permanent weakness in the wrists. This can affect the hands and arms as well. It may lead to difficulties with lifting, writing, performing basic household duties and other severe impairments. 

Help from a Social Security Disability Attorney in Morristown, NJ is Just a Phone Call Away 

More than likely your claim for disability benefits will be denied if you have carpal tunnel syndrome. However this doesn’t mean you should give up. There may be other options that can be pursued, which a New Jersey Social Security disability attorney may be able to help with. 

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