Social Security disability is not only available for those who have physical disabilities; those with mental illness can file a claim for benefits as well; however, providing proof of mental illness can be difficult. It can be hard to assess the symptoms and measure the severity of the disease. With documentation from your doctor and help from a Social Security lawyer in Morristown, New Jersey you can prevail and claim the benefits you deserve. 

When reviewing your case, the claims examiner will compare your mental illness to the Social Security’s listing of impairments, called a blue book, to see if you qualify for Social Security benefits. The blue book lists impairments that would prevent a person from being gainfully employed. The examiner will review your claim and determine if any of your symptoms match the criteria in the book. 

Mental illnesses that qualify for Social Security benefits include: 

  • schizophrenia;
  • autism;
  • depression;
  • anxiety;
  • mental retardation;
  • bipolar disorder; and
  • substance abuse disorders.

If your condition is not listed in the blue book, but you were diagnosed with a condition that prevents you from working for a period of at least one year, then you may still qualify for a small allowance of Social Security disability. 

Even if you have sufficient proof from your doctor, it is possible that your claim may still be denied. It can be hard for many Social Security disability claim examiners to imagine the effects of mental illnesses. Since symptoms may come and go, it is easy to assume that one can function normally when the symptoms are less evident. Also, because there is still a stigma placed on mentally ill patients, some examiners may not be fair to those who claim mental illness and may judge them prematurely, thus denying their claim. 

This is where a Social Security lawyer in Morristown can help. If you have proof of your mental illness from your doctor but are still denied Social Security disability, then you have options, including filing an appeal. A Social Security lawyer is highly knowledgeable about the Social Security claim process as well as the laws specific to your state. If you are not familiar with the process, a lawyer inMorristowncan review your case and help you provide solid proof that you are entitled to disability benefits. 

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