As an employee at a grocery store in Morris Plains, your job requires you to stand for long periods of time. You stock shelves, ring up customers at the cash register, and walk around for what seems like hours helping people find what they need.

All of this working on your feet for several years has taken its toll on your hips. Standing or sitting for long periods of time is excruciating and walking around all day isn’t possible. The pain has caused you to move more slowly, which has affected your job performance.

Social Security Disability for Hip Problems

You went to the doctor and were diagnosed with degenerative hip joints, or osteoarthritis (see also work related osteoarthritis). You expressed your working concerns to her and she mentioned the possibility of receiving Social Security benefits. Would you qualify?

  • Meeting a qualifying disability listing. Although there isn’t a specific disability listing for degenerative hip joints, your situation may fall under the Major Dysfunction of a Joint category.  To qualify for this type of listing, you would need to prove that you have one of the listed ailments: a deformity, chronic joint pain, stiffness that affects your ability to move, a narrowing between your joints, or a fusion of the bones.
  • Proving your disability. In order to prove that you are not able to work because of your hip problems, you’ll need to provide the Social Security Administration with evidence, such as x-rays, MRIs, and other tests, including those that measure range of motion.

An Experienced Attorney Can Help

If you have questions about receiving Social Security, have already been turned down, or want help with the filing process, we can help.

We have helped many people in New Jersey receive the benefits they needed in order to make ends meet and provide for their families. We may be able to do the same for you. Call us or contact us through our website to schedule an appointment to speak with one of our legal professionals.

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