You know that working on a construction site poses millions of health hazards every day. You can only do your best to avoid mistakes and prevent accidents, and trust that others you work with will do the same. But what if your employer is taking shortcuts with your safety, contaminating your worksite with every breath you take?

These worksite elements are among the most common that can cause serious chemical exposure injury in NJ:

  • Beryllium. This element is commonly used as an alloy with copper and other base metals. Overexposure can cause breathing issues and chemical pneumonia, while continued exposure can cause weight loss, fatigue, and weakness in the extremities.
  • Cadmium. Most often use as a rust-preventive coating, cadmium exposure can cause lung irritation, pulmonary edema, emphysema, kidney failure, and death.
  • Fluorides. Metal coatings often contain fluoride compounds which have been known to irritate the eyes, nose, and throat. Inhaling fluoride particulates over a long period may cause pulmonary edema and bone damage.
  • Hydrocarbons. Chlorinated hydrocarbons are used in cleaning and degreasing. If the vapors are present near welding, the heat and UV radiation can break down the particles into highly toxic phosgene gas.
  • Iron oxide. Steel manufacturers are regularly exposed to toxic iron oxide fumes during the welding process, causing irritation in the nasal passages, throat, and lungs.
  • Lead. Lead poisoning may be caused by lead-based paints, but also through welding and cutting of lead-containing alloys. Lead has been known to affect several bodily systems, including the brain, circulatory system, nervous system, muscles, kidneys, and reproductive system.
  • Mercury. Trace amounts of mercury may be released from rustproof coatings and paints used in boat construction. Mercury vapors may be released when exposed to heat, causing diarrhea, kidney damage, tremors, respiratory failure, mental illness, and hearing loss.
  • Zinc. Zinc oxide inhalation commonly occurs in the manufacture or cutting of brass or when galvanizing metals. Exposure can cause metal fume fever, a condition that present with flu-like symptoms and poses a threat of dehydration due to excessive diarrhea and vomiting.

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