If you regularly work around bright lights or caustic chemicals, you have probably been warned about the possibility of suffering an eye injury at work. However, thousands of blindness injuries occur at workplaces each year in which the employees had no idea they were at risk—many didn’t suffer any effects until it was too late to begin treatment.

The most common causes of blindness due to work injury in NJ include:

  • Foreign objects – Although our eyes are designed to withstand flying objects, eyelashes and fast blinking responses are no substitute for proper eye protection. Sand, grit, and other particles pose a daily threat to the function of the eye—and projectiles, glass and other debris are even more dangerous. Worst of all, workers may suffer small scratches or cuts on their eyeballs and only seek a doctor’s care after days of irritation, when the damage is likely to have worsened or become infected.

  • Eyestrain – Most of America’s workforce uses a computer on a daily basis as part of their jobs. This lifelong exposure can often weaken the muscles in the eyes, cause premature vision loss, and even temporary or partial blindness. Workers who perform fine, detailed tasks—such as sewing or surgery—without magnification are especially likely to suffer early loss of vision.

  • Burns – Damage from a burn can come from many sources—and go much further than skin deep. Heat, fire, chemical exposure or even a spilled liquid can enter a worker’s eye and cause spotty vision or blindness in one or both eyes.

  • Bright lights – Many workers—from lifeguards to welders—are regularly exposed to bright lights. However, many other employees are equally at risk and are not provided with adequate safety measures, especially in cases where an accident has caused an explosion or a flash from a defective electrical object.

  • Head injuries – Workers can easily suffer blindness caused by trauma to the head, whether through a sudden impact or a head injury that results in brain damage, to the ocular nerves. Slips, trips, falls, and even car accidents sustained on the job may lead to trauma to the face or head—causing irreparable vision damage.

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