Workers who find themselves in physically-intensive jobs or jobs that require a lot of driving may be at risk for concussions. Concussions may sound like mild injuries, but they are in fact traumatic brain injuries which could lead to major problems and complications.

If you have been struck in the head, fallen and hit your head, shaken, or spun, you should seek medical treatment. Even a slight concussion could lead to a brain clot or permanent brain damage. Multiple concussions are especially dangerous, opening up the possibility of massive brain swelling.

Slight or Serious Concussions Both Have Serious Implications

There are many symptoms of a concussion, including difficulty sleeping, headache, blurred vision, low energy, balance problems, dizziness, trouble thinking or remembering, difficulty retaining information, depression, and emotional problems. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms over sustaining a head injury, consult with a doctor. He or she can test for signs of a concussion and look for further brain damage.

If you believe you have suffered from a concussion, seek immediate medical attention. If the concussion is work-related, report the injury to your supervisor and seek legal counsel. All treatment and payment for time out of work should be covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier. If your claim is denied or if the insurance company is giving you a hard time, contact a Morristown workers’ comp attorney.

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