Recently, petitioner Louis Dubrel lost his New Jersey Workers’ Compensation claim because the judge ruled Dubrel committed fraud. Dubrel alleged a compensable injury to his spine from a slip and fall at work that resulted in serious permanent impairment.

The injury and the impairment were real. However, the Judge of Compensation found that the petitioner committed workers’ compensation fraud, most specifically because he falsely testified that he could no longer train or trailer horses after his accident, when in fact, he repeatedly was the driver/trainer of record for standard bred horses who ran in harness races at public racetracks. The petitioner’s claim for benefits was dismissed. He most likely would have received benefit has he not lied.

Here is the perfect example of why honesty is key during a workers’ compensation claim. Dubrel had a perfectly legitimate case but ruined his chances of receiving benefits by lying about his disability.

When speaking with your Morris County workers’ compensation attorney, be open about your injuries, how it happened, and what the extent of your disability. Let your attorney know if you were intoxicated when the work accident occurred or if you have a history of substance abuse problems. Even if the injury is your fault, you are still entitled to benefits. Even if you are still able to work, exercise, and resume normal activities, you might still be able to receive compensation. If you try to cover something up, the court will find out about it. You could ruin your chances of receiving the compensation you and your family deserves.

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