Very few people can understand the pain of losing an arm or leg in a construction accident. Victims wake up in the hospital scared, confused, and in pain. When they are told that they have lost a part of their body, they are immediately thrown into a state of grief and suffering—and they are often hit even harder when the hospital bills start to roll in.

Victims who have suffered amputation after a New Jersey work accident often have trouble coping with the costs of their condition, including:

  • Medical treatment. Construction workers who have lost a limb on the job often need emergency room care, immediate surgery, and weeks of inpatient recovery. Even after they are released from the hospital, they will still need months of outpatient visits and physical therapy appointments.
  • Prosthetic devices. Victims can regain much of their lost mobility with the use of prosthetic limbs; however, the range of devices varies greatly. Some insurance companies will only cover aesthetic (non-functional) limbs, leaving victims who need a functional prosthesis to pay for it out-of-pocket.
  • Emotional problems. In addition to financial costs, victims will suffer personal and emotional costs after the loss of a limb. Many victims suffer from depression, anxiety, or sudden outbursts of anger, and may need therapy to cope with the overwhelming change their injury has caused.
  • Lost income. Most workers will not be able to return to their jobs after a loss of limb injury—and if they do go back to work, they may not be able to perform the same duties they had before the accident. As a result, many victims suffer a reduced earning capacity, leaving them with less income and increased bills.

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