After well over a year of applying and appealing, you were finally awarded Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. While it took several doctor visits and even legal assistance, you feel as though you have won a lengthy and trying battle. You sit back and breathe a sigh of relief, feeling that at last you can stop fighting.

While you may have won an important battle, the war is not completely over. SSD benefits are not a permanent award, and you could still lose these benefits even after all of the hard work you put in to receive these important checks. While the Social Security Administration cannot just stop paying you these benefits out of the blue for no reason, many people inadvertently change something about their status that causes these benefits to stop.

Three Reasons You Could Lose Your SSD Benefits in New Jersey

Don’t panic yet—as we said, the Social Security Administration must have good reason to stop your SSD payments. Unfortunately, however, many recipients are unaware of just what these reasons may be, and are shocked to find that they have rendered themselves ineligible for the benefits they fought to receive. Reasons you could lose benefits include:

  • If your medical condition improves to the point that you are no longer considered disabled, your disability benefits may be halted. Periodic reviews of your health are performed, and if your health has changed to the point that you are able to partake in substantial gainful activity, your SSD benefits may come to an end.
  • If you return to work and make over a certain amount, your benefits may end. There is a trial work period which starts when you earn $780 per month and lasts up to nine months, and it allows you to receive benefits while earning money. After your trial period is up, however, if you remain employed your benefits will end.
  • If you begin collecting retirement benefits you are not allowed to continue to receive Social Security benefits.

If you are concerned about losing the SSD benefits that you worked so hard for, it is important that you understand what could put your benefits in jeopardy. If your benefits are being cut and you feel as though it may be in error, reach out to my firm today. Schedule your free consultation by clicking on the live chat feature or filling out the short online contact form on this page.

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