When most people are injured at work in New Jersey, they know they moment the accident happens that they will be off the job for weeks. However, there are hundreds of injuries that do not happen suddenly—they are caused by repetitive strain, exposure to a dangerous chemical, or the day-to-day demands of the job.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration wants employees to know that these injuries are just as serious as the ones caused by sudden accidents.  According to the agency’s website, you may still be covered under worker’s compensation if your injury “caused or contributed to a condition or significantly aggravated a preexisting condition.” 

Here are just a few work-related injuries in Morristown that can develop slowly over time:

  • Bodily injuries including muscle strain, back sprain or ligament damage
  • Recurring conditions such as arthritis or joint problems
  • Outdoor exposure to the elements, including heat exhaustion, sunstroke, freezing and frostbite
  • Environmental exposure to caustic substances or wildlife may cause dangerous burns, skin diseases or other disorders
  • Poison injuries caused by repeated exposure (or overexposure) to hazardous materials
  • Respiratory illnesses that develop as the victim breathes toxic chemicals, particles, fumes, biological matter (such as fungi or bacteria), gases, or other substances
  • Sensory loss, including blindness, hearing loss, or the inability to feel pressure or temperature changes in the fingers and skin
  • Job-specific injuries, including melanoma caused by sun exposure or radiation sickness in power plant workers

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