You may think it’s impossible that a slow-moving vehicle could cause a significant risk to you and your family’s health. But the truth is, this accident is waiting to happen just outside your front door every single week—increasing your chances of suffering a serious crash injury in New Jersey.

Garbage truck crashes are an unfortunately common occurrence for New Jersey families, especially for those in small neighborhoods and who have small children. These large lumbering trucks carry all the dangers of a semi accident—but unlike big rigs, they’re required to come to your home rather than await you on the highway.

Causes of Garbage Truck Accidents Cases

New Jersey garbage truck crashes may be a result of:

  • Driver error – Improper driver training and overworked collectors may make simple human errors that prove to be deadly behind the wheel—such as sudden stops, illegal lane changes, and failure to check mirrors before merging.
  • Inflexible deadlines – Garbage truck drivers are on a tight collection schedule. If they fall behind, drivers may attempt to make up time by speeding through residential areas or not coming to a full stop at intersections—increasing the risk of pedestrian crashes and side-impact injuries.
  • Increased weight – Just as with commercial trucks, garbage vehicles are much heavier than smaller vehicles—making them harder to stop quickly and more likely to cause significant damage on impact.
  • Maintenance problems – Many truck companies will forgo mandatory inspections or cut corners on safety necessities—sending unserviced vehicles back out onto city streets.
  • Visibility issues – Many of the accidents that prove to be fatal for garbage truck victims are backover accidents involving pedestrians, bicyclists, and small children crossing behind the truck.

If someone you love has suffered an injury in a New Jersey garbage truck crash, you should have the accident investigated as soon as possible. Companies will often try to protect their interests by sending adjusters to the scene and offering victims quick settlements worth much less than their injuries will cost them. With the help of a trusted Morristown car accident attorney, you can get fair compensation for your suffering and prevent the garbage collection company from making the same mistake in the future.

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