After you sufferedNew Jersey neck injury at work, you were tempted to shrug it off. It didn’t hurt much when it happened; it was just a shock—and you couldn’t afford to take time off of work anyway, so you continued on with your day as usual.

But when you woke up the next day, things were different. There was a sharp, stabbing pain in your head. You couldn’t move your neck from side to side, your fingers tingled, and your vision was a little blurry. You certainly can’t go to work now—but is it too late to file for workers’ compensation?

Our Morristown work injury legal team wants you to know that you can get the funds you deserve after suffering a:

  • Strain or sprain. This is an injury to the neck ligaments or muscles and is characterized by stiffness, aches, and pains in the shoulder, arm, or upper back.
  • Pinched nerve. This condition causes pain or numbness as a result of a nerve being compressed between the discs of the neck. It usually affects one side of the body, causing neural problems for the neck and arm on that side. Symptoms range from shooting pains down the arm into the fingers, tingling in the hand, or weakness in the affected arm.
  • Ruptured disc. If your neck is twisted or compressed, the spongy material between your spinal bones may leak, or herniate. This causes the bones to lose cushioning, and if they press against your spinal cord, you could suffer temporary or permanent paralysis. 
  • Dislocation. A sudden injury at work can cause a cervical spinal fracture or even a dislocation in the bones of the neck. This injury can lead to partial paralysis or total immobility from the neck down.

Unfortunately, there is no end to the ways an employee could suffer a neck injury on the job. Workers will always be at risk of falls, accidents, or repetitive stress gestures that put their health at risk. However, your livelihood does not have to suffer as a result of your injury. Employers are liable for any injury suffered on the job—and if you have been denied compensation, we can help get it restored to you.

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