If you have suffered a burn injury in New Jersey, you will likely be eligible for worker’s compensation to cover the costs of your emergency treatment. You may even be able to recover costs of skin graft surgery and the time spent in recovery in a hospital room. 

But what happens next? How can your employer provide for the permanent losses, such as scarring and loss of movement, that may take years of rehabilitation and expensive medical care? 

Burns are a fairly common type of New Jersey construction injury. Since workers are constantly exposed to a number of harmful solvents, compression tanks, and temperatures, it’s no wonder that so many employees suffer from accidents such as: 

  • Thermal burns. A fire or explosion on a construction site will often cause victims to suffer first, second, or even third-degree burns that result in skin grafting and intense pain.
  • Chemical burns. Chemical burns may be caused by any liquids, sprays or powders that contain abrasive or caustic components. Prolonged exposure to the eyes or skin can cause permanent—or even fatal—burn injuries. 
  • Scalding. Machinery malfunctions can cause a sudden release of steam or boiling liquids, which in turn may result in scalding injuries. Victims may suffer deep-tissue damage that requires immediate surgery, a long hospital stay, and sterilization to avoid infection.
  • Smoke inhalation. The breathing in of smoke or chemical vapors can lead to a number of injuries, such as asthma, bronchitis, lung damage, and even injury to the larynx. Workers who escape a construction fire may still suffer effects of smoke inhalation even if they were unharmed by the flames. 

If you are unable to walk, breathe, or stand after a burn injury in New Jersey, it is likely you will need extensive treatment—and you will not be able to return to work for some time. The legal team at Manfred F. Ricciardelli, Jr. can tell you if your employer may be liable for the costs of your injury. Simply call (877) 360-0183 today or fill out the contact form above to get a FREE, one-on-one consultation on your case. 

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