Nobody wants to experience a car wreck. However, if you are hurt in a Morristown car accident while you are pregnant, you have more than one life to worry about. 

Pregnant women can suffer a number of car accident injuries that can pose a danger to the baby. A tightening seat belt, the impact of another car, or even the deployment of an airbag can put pressure on the stomach and spine and potentially cause problems with your baby’s development.

The most common car accident pregnancy complications include:

  • Placental abruption. If the woman receives a direct blow to the stomach, the placenta may disconnect from the wall of the uterus. If the baby is not fully developed, abruption can result in a miscarriage—and in most cases, the mother will suffer severe bleeding problems.
  • Early labor. The heightened emotions of a crash will often stress the mother’s body and may cause early contractions, putting her in a state of pre-term labor. Early delivery will often contribute to health problems for the infant, including low birth weight and a weakened immune system.
  • C-section. If the woman is severely injured in the crash, her body may not be able to support the infant, placing both mother and child in danger. An emergency C-section may be necessary to separate the child from the mother’s distress.
  • Birth defects. Even a minor car accident can cause the baby to lose oxygen and vital nutrients for proper development. Stress on the infant or the placenta can cause problems with motor function, learning disabilities, or impaired brain development.

It is vital that pregnant women who have been involved in an accident seek emergency care, even if they think they are uninjured. Blood tests, fetal monitoring and other diagnostics can tell you if your child has been affected by the crash, even if you remain unharmed. 

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