You have been receiving Social Security disability in New Jersey for a few months now. Although it doesn’t afford you much extra income, you are at least able to pay the household bills--until you open your monthly check and discover your payments have been reduced.

If you suffered a reduction in your monthly benefit, you’re not alone. Many disabled workers are shocked to discover that their benefits have been offset by other payments (even when these payments are not enough to make ends meet).

What happened to my Social Security disability benefits?

The New Jersey Social Security Administration will reduce your monthly payment if the total amount of your Social Security benefits combined with your workers' compensation and your public disability benefits exceeds the “applicable limit.” This is defined as an amount more than:

  • 80 percent of your “average current earnings” before you became disabled. The SSA will calculate this amount using your highest year (or years) of earnings.
  • Your total family benefit. This is the total amount of Social Security disability insurance benefits that you and all of the members in your family receive. This is calculated using the first month you also receive workers' compensation or public disability benefits.

The SSA will offset your benefits based on the higher of these two figures, and will continue to send you the reduced amount until you reach retirement age.

What can I do to restore my disability payements?

Many disabled workers think tha this adjustment to their much-needed funds is unfair, but they feel powerless to go against the Social Security Administration’s decision. The truth is, there are many ways you can get additional help for your medical payments and even have the full amount of your monthly disability payments restored--and it won’t cost you anything to find out how.

An Attorney Can Help You Counteract Actions from the New Jersey Social Security Admininstration

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