It’s common for employees to seek workers’ comp for a NJ knee injury. The knee is a hardworking but delicate joint, and any amount of kneeling, squatting, lifting, pivoting, or twisting can cause irreparable damage or permanent limitations on a victim’s mobility.

Common Worker Knee Injuries

Here are just a few ways workers have suffered knee injuries on the job in New Jersey: 

  • Cartilage injuries. A worker could suffer cartilage damage to the knee in many ways. A sudden injury may cause chondromalacia, or softening of the articular cartilage of the kneecap. In some cases, the cartilage in the knee joint may wear down due to daily repetitive motion. Many victims suffer a continuous dull pain in the knee that worsens when bending or climbing stairs.
  • Ligament strains. Overextension of the cruciate ligaments of the knee, such as the ACL, can be extremely painful. These injuries usually require months of treatment, including physical therapy and painkilling injections, and may require reconstructive surgery.
  • Torn tendons. It is possible to “tear” the connective tissue holding your patella onto your knee joint. The most common injury is a torn meniscus, which results in a stiff and mostly immobile leg which may swell and become intensely painful. In most cases, patients will need physical therapy or even arthroscopic surgery to repair the tear. 
  • Fractured patella. Any sudden blow to the front of the knee can cause the kneecap to fracture, causing swelling, severe pain, and a deformed appearance. Broken kneecaps will often require fixation surgery or removal of the patella fragments.
  • Associated injuries. If the knee injury is allowed to progress, victims may suffer additional injuries as a result of compensating for the pain or disability. Patients may walk with a limp or favor one side of their bodies, causing back, foot, or hip injuries. Any injuries caused by your original injury could also be covered under workers’ compensation, though many such claims will be denied the first time.

It is important to remember that many knee injury claims are denied by both workers’ compensation and insurance companies. Knee injuries are costly and take a long time to heal, and your employer’s underwriter may try to avoid paying, even if you are rightfully owed money for your injury.

A Workers' Comp Lawyer Can Help

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