If you work in a medical environment, you probably have many different safety actions to perform every day. Changing linens, wearing gloves, and washing your hands will keep your patients safe, but also reduce your risk of infection.

Unfortunately, even the best safety practices are fallible. Hundreds of medical technicians, nurses, and staff will suffer a New Jersey needlestick injury every year—many of which will go unreported.

Needlestick injuries, or sharps injuries, are caused when a needle accidentally punctures the skin of any unintended person. These are especially likely for healthcare workers who use syringes, but can occur anytime someone uses, discards, or disassembles a needle.

According to a recent study, 3,303 healthcare worker needlestick injury claims were accepted between 1996 and 2000 in Washington state. These injuries took place in all medical settings, including:

  • Hospitals. Injuries were highest in a hospital setting and were likeliest to occur during suturing, surgical procedures, giving an injection, and drawing blood.
  • Dentists' offices. Hygienists and dental assistants suffered the second-highest needlestick injury rate. Dental office sharps injuries often happened when recapping needles and cleaning trays and instruments.
  • Physicians' offices. In non-trauma medical settings, nurses and technicians were likely to be stuck during needle disposal and administering an injection.
  • Nursing facilities. Nurses accounted for the largest proportion of injuries by far, with 30% of the overall injury rate involving patient injections and needle disposal.
  • Laboratories. Lab technicians and phlebotomists were third-likeliest to suffer a sharps injury, even though their work takes place in a controlled, non-hospital setting.
  • Housekeeping. Facilities workers have become stuck and infected by needles that have become lost in linen or garbage cans instead of being disposed of properly.

If you have suffered a sharps injury in Morristown, your employer should pay for your follow-up testing, costs of care as a result of infection, and your time off of work. The legal team at Manfred F. Ricciardelli, Jr. can tell you how much you may could be compensated for your suffering in your FREE consultation, and you will not pay us anything unless we win your case. 

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