You are so thankful that you were restrained by your seat belt when you were in a car accident in Morristown. The officer said that the safety device could very well have saved your life, so you went home grateful to be alive, not thinking much about the bumps and bruises.

But now it’s a few days later, and the pain in your arm is getting worse. It hurts to turn your head, and lifting anything on that side is unthinkable. You’ve heard stories like this before, and you wonder—could I have broken my collarbone?

Due to the design of safety harnesses, it is possible—even likely—that you have broken your collarbone in a NJ crash. A clavicle fracture has a range of signs and symptoms, including:

  • Pain. It is normal to feel pain in your shoulder after a car accident, especially if you were restrained by a shoulder harness. But if the pain persists or even worsens, you may want to get an x-ray. 
  • Bruising or tenderness. There will likely be a bruise across your chest from the seat belt after an accident, but if a bruise is located higher up on your neck, it could indicate a break.
  • Swelling. You should always check for any swelling or bulging near your shoulder after an accident.
  • Cracking sounds. The bones may shift against one another, making a grinding or cracking sound when you move your shoulder.
  • Stiffness. If you are unable to reach out with your arm or rotate your shoulder for weeks afterward, you may have fractured your clavicle.

Although collarbone fractures are typically not fatal, you will still be unable to use the arm for weeks or even months as the injury heals. You will likely need x-rays, a sling, pain medication, and time off work to heal from your injury—increasing your bills and decreasing your potential income. 

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