It’s hard for an adult to suffer through a permanent disability. He will likely be unable to earn a living, depending on others to support his family and pay for his increasing medical costs. But what if that person were just fifteen years old? How could his parents get help for his hospital visits and therapy appointments when the child may never be able to support himself?

The good news is that the Social Security Association provides income for child care and medical expenses for children with special needs. The bad news is that many first-time applications for social security disability are denied, and parents often give up on the process before filing again.

To increase your chances of getting your child’s application approved, you must know that there are restrictions on who can receive benefits, how much he or she can receive, and what kinds of life changes will affect benefit payments in the future. The first obstacle to getting social security benefits for disabled children in New Jersey is to prove that your child meets the Social Security Association’s definition of “disabled.” In order to qualify, your child must:

  • Have a condition that severely limits your child’s abilities. This disability can be physical, mental, or a combination of conditions that hinders your child from functioning or developing normally.
  • Be expected to suffer the limitations of his condition for at least one year. The SSA will not pay for any disability which does not pose “marked and severe functional limitations” to a child, meaning the child’s disability will last for the foreseeable future or possibly the rest of his life.
  • Be unable to earn a substantial income. The definition of “substantial” changes year to year, but is generally considered to be an amount that could allow the child to support himself at a basic level (in 2011, a substantial income was any amount over $1,000 per month).

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