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Clifton Roofer Falls into Acid in New Jersey Construction Accident

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Posted on May 23, 2012

May 23, 2012 – Clifton, NJ – In one of the more dramatic cases of a New Jersey construction accident, a Clifton roofer was saved by a co-worker after falling 40 feet into a vat of acid. 

Reports about the accident were broadcast on news outlets nationwide following this accident. A May 8 report from ABC Eyewitness News 7 states that 44-year-old Martin Davis fell into a vat of nitric acid at Swepco Tubing, where he and other roofers from Garcon Enterprises were adding a second roof to the factory. 

Apparently, chemicals used to create the metal tubes had weakened the first roof, causing Davis’ fall and resulting in a broken rib, punctured lung, and burns to his legs and side. 

Co-worker Rob Nuckols was on the ground floor when Davis fell, and he jumped into the waist-high acid. With the help of 3 other co-workers, they managed to pull Davis out. 

The incident has resulted in investigations by several agencies, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the city’s building department, and the Passaic Health Department. According to the city fire department, the roofing company did not have a permit to perform the roofing work. 

If you’re a construction worker, you understand better than anyone that your work environment can become dangerous in an instant. 

While falls into acid may be uncommon, some other seriously debilitating and even deadly accidents include: 

  • falls;
  • fires;
  • crane collapses;
  • scaffolding accidents;
  • electrocution;
  • explosions; and
  • more. 


Unfortunately, the total costs to a New Jersey construction worker after an accident often extend beyond that initial hospital or ER visit. Real concerns about whether you’ll work again or be able to provide for your family likely weigh heavily on your mind. An attorney with experience in construction site accidents can help answer your questions and put your worries to rest. 

Get the Compensation You Need after a New Jersey Construction Accident 

Whether you’ve suffered from a traumatic construction accident or have sustained an injury slowly over time, you have options. New Jersey construction accident victims turn to lawyer Manfred F. Ricciardelli Jr. to provide legal counsel and guidance. In some cases, filing a third-party liability claim may be an option in addition to seeking worker’s compensation. Contact us today at 1-973-285-1100 or 1-877-360-0183. 

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