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Posted on Feb 28, 2014

In another case of social media telling a different story of a worker’s injuries, Facebook disability evidence has contributed to the arrest of several former city employees who claimed they were too depressed or unstable to leave the house.

The social media photos showed former police officers who had filed for Social Security disability for psychological injury fishing, riding motorcycles, and flying helicopters. Many employees—despite claiming their conditions made it impossible to work—were holding jobs in construction, athletics, private security, and landscaping.

A large portion of the 72 New York City police officers and firefighters named in the indictment specifically named the September 11 terrorist attacks for their alleged symptoms of depression and severe anxiety.

The inquiry first began in 2008 when Social Security investigators reviewed a case of two retired police officers who had been approved for mental disability payments while simultaneously holding gun permits. The investigators reviewed similar applications from the NYPD and FDNY, opening a multi-agency investigation. Prosecutors used social media, intercepted phone calls, and testimony from undercover officers to identify over a thousand government officials with suspected fraudulent claims.

In addition to defrauding the Social Security disability system, many of the retired employees were also collecting pensions from the city—collecting an estimated $400 million in payments from the federal government.

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