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NJ Law Increases Fines for Talking, Texting While Driving

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Posted on Jul 22, 2013

Trenton, N.J. – If you get caught talking or texting while driving in NJ, it’s now going to cost you more.

New Jersey is getting tougher on distracted drivers. A bill was recently signed into law that will increase the fines for talking or texting while driving.

Previously, the fine for texting or talking while driving was a minimum of $200. It was also only considered a “secondary” offense, meaning police had to stop you for something else first. However, under the new law, it is considered a “primary” offense and the fines have been doubled.

“This law is intended to save lives and make people think twice before putting themselves and others at risk,” says Senator Fred H. Madden. “Increasing penalties for those who commit this offense and directing these fines to educate the public about the dangers of texting while driving will go a long way in reducing this dangerous trend.”

The law will not actually go into effect until July of 2014.

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