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Teen Driver Charged After Causing a Texting-and-Driving Crash in NJ

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Posted on Jan 20, 2013

A New Jersey teen has been charged with driving under the influence and several other activities, including resisting arrest, after causing a texting and driving crash in Sparta

On December 29, police responded to a call claiming that a car had just driven onto the front lawn of a house on Castlewood Trail around 12:27 a.m. When officer Jeffrey McCarrick arrived, he found 19-year-old Joseph Ayrey, who told McCarrick that he had driven the older model Chrysler into the yard and that he lived down the street. 

Ayrey also told the officer that he had lost control of the car after he had been texting while driving, causing him to become distracted and veer onto the lawn. Ayrey told police at the scene that he walked home before returning to the scene to get a shovel to try to dig out the car.

While Ayrey was explaining the situation, Officer McCarrick became suspicious that Ayrey was under the influence of alcohol. Police questioned Ayrey about his consumption of alcohol, which he denied. Ayrey became argumentative and was placed under arrest for DWI after he failed several field sobriety tests.

As officers began reading his rights, Ayrey began to pull away and resist arrest. According to police, Ayrey was physically restrained and placed in the back of a police car but continued to cause a disturbance by repeatedly slamming his head into the rear of the driver's seat.

He was taken to police headquarters where he was charged with failure to report an accident, leaving the scene of an accident, failure to keep right, failure to maintain a single lane of travel, underage DWI, resisting arrest, and texting while driving.

Ayrey’s vehicle was impounded, and he was released to a sober adult later that morning.

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