There are three ways that a case can resolve under New Jersey workers' compensation law.  This first way is commonly called "Section 20."  That refers to a clause in the New Jersey workers' compensation statute. When a case settles under that way, it is closed forevevr and can never be reopend for any reason. However, if a case resolves as an order approving settlement or if a case resolves as a judgement, meaning you went to court and the judge entered a court order in your favor, you can reopen those 2 types of cases within 2 years of your date of last payment if you need either curative medicla care or have a material increase in permenant disability. 

This is a very important right that is only available in New Jersey under New Jersey workers' compensation law. Think about it: if you hurt your back on the job and settle your case but the condition deteriorates over time, you may need more time away from work and money for medical bills. You now have the opportunity to go back to the employer and to request medical care. If the provide it, than there are no problems. If they do not there are steps we can take to force them to provide that care. Then you will your medical care paid for. If you need to be out of work, you will be paid for your time out of work just as you were on your initial case. If as a result of that medical care, you have an increase in permenant disability, you are entitled to more monetary payments. And then you are entitled for another 2 years to reopen your case. 

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