I don't take every case that comes into my office. Quite frankly, some people come with problems and concerns and they explain them to me, and for some reason or another, I don't really think they have a case. Maybe I don't belive that their injury is work related. Maybe I don't agree that they are going to need medical care. What I do as an attorney is I try to ask very specific questions to get the facts that surround the case:

  • What is your medical history like?
  • What happened while you were on the job?
  • Have your received medical care?
  • Have you reported the injury to you employer?

I then evaluate the matter. If I take your case, what that means is I belive that you case a case that we can win. Not that we can definitely win, but a case that we can win. Think of it like this; I don't get paid until the end of the case and I only get paid if I get benefits for you. So when I take on your case, I'm dedicating my expertise and time. I wouldn't do that unless I thought there was a reason or a benefit at the end of the day that we were going to achieve. 

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