In 20 years of practicing law, I have never taken a dime from an injured worker for handling a case.  I am paid a percentage of the settlement, only when the case is settled.  If the injured worker or victim doesn't receive any compensation, neither does I.

An initial consultation is free. Always. The consultation lasts as long as it is necessary for me to understand the problem, to make sure that my client understands the problem, and to outline how it is that we are going to move forward. At the end of the case, my attorney fee is set by statute. New Jersey workers' compensation law is the only type of law that you are not reuired to have an attorney retainer agreement in place before you move forward. The attorney fee is set by statute. What it says is that the judge shall award a fee of up to 20% of the benefit accrued for the injured worker. For example, on a $10,000 case, 20% is $2,000, so that would be my end result. However the whole $2,000 generally does not come from the injured worker. There is generally a 60-40 split of the attorney fee so that 60% of the fee is paid by the insurance company and 40% of the fee comes from the injured worker. So for a $10,000 case, my fee would be $2,000, of which $1,200 would come from the insurance company and $800 would come from the injured worker. So when you think about it, I would only get 8% of the overall settlement value, in comparison to superior court liability case, where the attorney gets a full 33.33%, the full amount coming from the injured individual. 
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