Unfortunately, New Jersey construction accidents can result in very serious injury, and these cases require special care.  The medical care alone is more difficult to navigate because you may need to see multiple doctors and those doctors need to coordinate to help you get better.  

Lost wages from missed work can also be severe, particularly for construction site accidents. Construction workers may be used to getting a very good salary and now that salary is gone. The need to replace your salary with temporary disability payments is pressing and should happen as quickly as possible.  

It is possible that there may be other forms of litigation beyond workers' compensation that you can file if you have a construction accident. If you are injured on the job as a construction worker you absolutely have a right to pursue a case against you emplyer. But often on construction sites, there are many companies working at one time. If you are injured because the employees of another company acted negligently or because equipment purchased or maintained by other companies caused you to sustain your injury, then you have a completely separate form of litigation against those other businesses and against their insurance companies. It's important to get the facts immediately after an accident occurs. If it is because equipment failure, we need to have an opportunity to inspect that equipment. If there's a problem with how the site was maintained, we need to have pictures of that site that we can show later on what the conditions were. It's very important to take quick action on these types of claims. 

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