You are entitled to temporary disability benefits as long as you are receiving medical care, and as long as your doctor believes you are unable to return to work or that you can return to work with light duty restriction but the employer doesn't have work that fits those restrictions.  The easy part is that you are unable to work. You are receiving authorized medical care. The doctor is treating you and he says "This individual is not capable of returning to work". But sometimes your doctor may deem that you are ready to return to work but you are limited to lifting 30 lbs and no repetitive bending or lifting. If your employer has a position that will allow you to remain within your restrictions and they offer you that job, you are obligated to go back to work.  However, if they offer you a position that your doctor believes you can do and you refuse, you will stop receiving temporary disability payments.  

Unfortunately, employers are not always true to their promises.  Once back on the job, co-workers and superiors may disregard your restrictions and ask you to perform duties that you shouldn't.  If that happens, you must respectfully decline, explain your restrictions, and if it continues, contact your attorney.  

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