Unfortunately, some workers in the state of New Jersey are injured so badly that they are never able to return to work.  Under those circumstances, your attorney should seek total disability benefits.  This means the injured worker will receive benefits and medical care for the rest of their life for the injured body part.  

Sometimes, the work injury is the sole cause of your disability.  Under these circumstances, the employer's insurance company will pay all of the benefits. But the employer is also obligated to take the injured worker as a whole and as he finds that worker. So what could happen sometimes, and this is fairly common, a worker could have an injury on the job, for example a bad shoulder injury or a bad back injury, and the injury in and of itself wouldnt be enough to qualify that preson as totally disabled, but that injury combined with some preexisting problems the person may have, for example they have a partial lung disease, they are partially blind, or they were born with some type of disability. Under those circumstances, the injured worker can still get total disability benefits. There's a special fund that's been created in New Jersey called the Second Injury Fund. It's a very complicated thing to explain. but under those circumstances, the benefits pay for the rest of your life, medical care for the rest of your life, are paid by a combination of the workers' compensation insurance carrier for your last job as well as the Second Injury Fund, which is a fund that has been set up by the state of New Jersey.

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